PANAMA, Feb. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Anglo Far-East Bullion Company is pleased to announce the launch of Anglo Far-East Custodial Company (AFECC). AFECC provides logistics and support services to institutions and funds that wish to source bullion at the core of the industry for private institutional holdings or for gold or silver backed funds and ETF’s.

AFECC draws on several decades of experience and a solid track record of providing physical gold and silver acquisition, transportation, vaulting, and liquidation of “Good Delivery” gold and silver bullion.

About Anglo Far-East Custodial Company

Anglo Far-East Custodial Company (AFECC) is part of the Anglo Far-East group of companies, and provides logistics support to institutions, funds, and trusts in the market of good delivery gold and silver bullion. AFECC handles the full range of acquisition, storage, and liquidation of good delivery gold and silver bullion on behalf of its clients.

Alex Stanczyk
Phone: +1 206 905 9961

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