This is a great interview in Globalia Magazine

Here is just one of the questions:

Question: What have you found is the predominant reason your clients use e-dinar?

Dr. Zeno Dahinden: Large traders and wholesalers use e-dinars because of our low product prices, quick turnover rates and guaranteed delivery times even during crises when other large producers tend to focus on their industrial key accounts while neglecting bullion traders.

Wealthy individual because they fear that their own governments might, in a state of extended crisis, confiscate the gold and silver of their constituents. For them, e-dinar is attractive, because it is located in Dubai which is today’s centre of bullion trade for the Middle East and Asia with almost 30 per cent of all physical gold flowing though Dubai is very business friendly allowing 100 per cent foreign ownership provides excellent security and governance for the bullion trade (Dubai is also called the ‘City of Gold’ – the expropriation that occurred in the US during the depression would be unthinkable in Dubai) is ideally situated for our target groups both through its trade hub function as well as its time zone has no VAT or income tax for those products to remain within the country. All custom products and medallions that we deliver to other countries are naturally subject to all applicable custom and VAT charges.

More religiously motivated customers because our product is 100 per cent halal and is, in our view, the only acceptable alternative to banking from an Islamic point of view, be it ‘Western’ or ‘Islamic style banking’ (see also for halal product standards).

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