How To Surf Safely With Anonymous Surfing Software

It\’s easy to get swept up in a rage of paranoia nowadays, but there are numerous benefits to using anonymous surfing software that I\’d like to share with you. Nowadays many people like me travel a lot with their job, time on the road and in hotels and airports can get pretty tiresome and your laptop almost becomes like a companion. I work in computer security and so I am naturally concerned with identity theft, security and unfortunately am well aware of the criminal element working on the internet. Travelling around a lot you become even more vulnerable, hotel internet connections, airport and cafe WiFi – all are riddled with different security problems and managing your life from these points via a web browser on your laptop is extremely worrying. This is why I use anonymous surfing software, it gives me tremendous benefits which I use everyday, which I will list some here for you.

1) Protects my Privacy – this is important to me and I have a real problem with knowing that every move I make on  the web is logged in access points or at my ISP, not using my privacy software it isn\’t!

2) I can run it on a USB stick – every where I connect all my web browsing is encrypted to the same level as the US orders in Iraq. Nobody can read any of it apart from me

3) I can pretend to be from whatever country I want – when abroad I can view UK TV as a resident by selecting a UK proxy. I can also pretend to be from the States when I want to use something like Pandora(a fabulous US only Internet music station)
4) As above I am not classified by my IP address, I am an internet citizen so can bypass stupid restrictions by governments (Turkish ISPs block blogs and YouTube!).

5) I can speed up my browsing – how many times has a security product made something quicker. I can pick from a network of proxy servers across the world to actually speed up my browsing whilst encrypting and protecting my identity and data

I surf securely wherever I am, I am not restricted by countries petty censorship when I visit them and I feel in control of my data when I use anonymous surfing software. In fact I showed a colleague how to access UK casinos legitimately using the software when I was working in the States last month (European casinos block US IP addresses mostly from their games). It really feels rather empowering sometimes.

To see which software I use to protect my web browsing – you can read about Identity Cloaker here and see how you can even access BBC Iplayer abroad

Surf safely, protect your privacy,


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