Critical Information about Anonymous Surfing

The internet is truly incredible.  Our lives are constantly eased and enhanced by new and innovative technologies, created by brilliant minds, that allow us to socialize and conduct business effortlessly via the internet.  However, there are equally brilliant minds that will use these same technologies to attempt to wreck havoc on our lives.  Surfing the internet can be a dangerous activity these days.  Surfing anonymously is one of the best precautions that one can take to stay one step ahead of the malicious intent on the web.  Here are 2 big ways that anonymous surfing can keep you safe.

Internet Privacy

Everything that you do online is associated with your IP address, thus all of your information is obtainable by a good hacker or even a bad hacker with a good hacking program.  Your IP address is kept on every web server log file on all of the websites that you go to, and in all of the e-mails that you send out.  If you are browsing websites using your real IP address, your IP address will expose information about you that you probably don’t care to reveal.  Your IP address can even be used to pinpoint the very city you live in and even the carrier you use for your Internet service. It is a scary thought that you might have that much information floating out there about yourself.  That leaves you feeling vulnerable, doesn’t it?  Surfing anonymously will allow you to cruise the web without leaving a detailed, information trail behind you.

The concept is pretty simple; using specialized software, your computer connects to a server, known as an anonymous proxy server, which then makes a connection to the internet.  Your location, all of your personal information and your complete  identity will be masked.  The proxy server works by sending its IP information to the websites that are requesting it, while blocking yours from the web.  Your internet connection and communication online will also be encrypted, using SSL technology and SSH tunneling.

Malicious Software

I’m sure you’re starting to realize how unsafe this virtual terrain, known as the internet can potentially be, but did you know that simply visiting a website could result in harmful malware, spyware, viruses and worms being seamlessly installed on your computer?  And, it would be really hard to know which website was actually the culprit and pulled off the illegal download.  Some of these programs, like key loggers, can be used to capture your passwords to your online banking accounts and other financially-sensitive accounts.  It should make you take action to protect yourself and your computer.  If you surf anonymously, you can be assured that the possibility of unauthorized downloads to your computer would be a thing of the past.

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