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You have until midnight tonight (5 April) to shovel any free cash into your ISA to make the most of your 2013/2014 allowance.

If you’re still reading then either you have already filled your ISA – well done – or you haven’t got enough spare cash.

Or you’re a silly billy. Because there is no advantage to holding any cash or investments outside of an ISA. Nada. Zip.

The Guardian has a summary of some of the best places to stash your cash, though I can’t say whether you’ll be able to get money into every one of them in the scant hours remaining. Some firms are faster than others.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a share ISA already open, double check to see if you’ve already filled it to the max this year.

Me, I load up my shares ISA within the first few days of every new tax year. Why waste a moment of potential tax-free compounding?

So I’ll be smugly enjoying a smoggy London day!

From the blogs

Making good use of the things that we find…

Passive investing

Active investing

Other articles

Ruse of the week: Are you an older saver of pensionable age with £8,000 handy? The Telegraph explains how a loophole in the new pension legislation enables you to make a near-instant £500. Hargreaves Lansdown, which pointed out the wheeze, expects it to be closed down soon enough.

Mainstream media money

Some links are Google search results – in PC/desktop view these enable you to click through to read the piece without being a paid subscriber of that site.1

Passive investing

  • Michael Lewis’ book on high frequency trading and you – NYTimes
  • Try doing nothing for a change – Ritholz/Bloomberg

Active investing

  • “Peakdrift” is a curse of the market [Search result]FT
  • Flying “PIIGS” outperform [Search result]FT
  • Only mid-cap value managers beat US indices in past 5 years – CityWire

Other stuff worth reading

  • London house price madness can’t end well… – Guardian
  • …and now could be the worst time to buy-to-let – Telegraph
  • You don’t work as hard as you think you do [Search result]FT
  • Why don’t the 1% feel rich? – The Atlantic
  • UK farmland prices rising faster than prime London – Telegraph

Book of the week: Curious about all the high frequency trading fuss in the media this week? The book that started it – Flash Boys – is already number nine in the Kindle charts!

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  1. Reader Ken notes that: “FT articles can only be accessed through the search results if you’re using PC/desktop view (from mobile/tablet view they bring up the firewall/subscription page). To circumvent, switch your mobile browser to use the desktop view. On Chrome for Android: press the menu button followed by “Request Desktop Site”.”

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