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A warm welcome to you if you’ve found Monevator today after hearing Mark on Money Box on BBC Radio 4.

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of discounted funds, check out our recent article.

And there’s plenty more to dig into after that…

Why you should read Monevator

Monevator is about investing money for the long-term, whether it be for your retirement, paying off your mortgage, financial freedom, or some other goal.

We also write about saving, property, entrepreneurship – and now and then just rant about whatever gets our goat.

It’s written by two ordinary people, from our perspective as savers and investors.

Most of our articles are long, a bit nerdy, but (we hope) always readable and entertaining.

We write long articles because while investing can be easy and simple, too many people have been confused, misled, or misguided over the years.

We’re doing our bit to put that right!

If you’re new to the site, you might get started with our guide to passive investing.

A few good reads to begin with include:

There are hundreds more articles in the archives, so please do dig around!

You should also check out our broker comparison table to find the cheapest home for your investments.

Make yourself at home

The rest of this post consists of links to money and investing articles on the web that I’ve found interesting this week.

I do this every Saturday morning, and there’s always something worth reading.

We have more information about investing at our fingertips than any previous generation. But at the same time it’s never been harder to know what to do with your money – nor more important to take charge of your financial future.

Enjoy the site. And stick around! :)

From the blogs

Making good use of the things that we find…

Passive investing

  • How to be an index investor – Rick Ferri
  • Beat the S&P 500 with the S&P 500 – Rick Ferri [Again!]

Active investing

Other articles

Book of the week: Are you just getting started with investing? We recommend two good reads – Smarter Investing by Tim Hale and Lars Kroijer’s Investing Demystified. Both books are written by UK-based authors, unlike most other titles you’ll come across.

Mainstream media money

Articles from the big boys and girls.

Passive investing

  • The best investing strategy? Get out of your own way – N.Y. Times
  • The original inspiration behind tracker funds – Market Watch

Active investing

Other stuff worth reading

  • Who has benefited most from five years of 0.5% interest rates? – BBC
  • Average small central London flat to cost £36m by 2050 – Guardian
  • The US economy’s “Baby Bust” problem – The Atlantic
  • How to invest like a billionaire – Market Watch

Product of the week: Santander’s new 123 Mini account for kids will pay up to 3% interest, reports The Telegraph. Children can earn the interest on balances up to £2,000.

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