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There is a blue ceiling above London this morning. After 100 days of rain, it’s hard not to be sure that it’s the sky, as opposed to an incoming deluge.

I’m going to chance it and head Outside.

So let’s get straight into this week’s links!

From the blogs

Making good use of the things that we find…

Passive investing

Active investing

Other articles

Product of the week: Aldermore Bank has introduced a sliding widget that lets small businesses tweak the interest rate on their savings accounts by altering how long they’ll lock away their money for. ThisIsMoney says the bank is exploring a retail option.

Mainstream media money

Some links are Google search results – in PC/desktop view these enable you to click through to read the piece without being a paid subscriber of that site.1

Passive investing

Active investing

  • How to invest like the gurus – Telegraph
  • Not the time to be underweight emerging markets – Fundweb
  • An unhappy case study of the risks of borrowing to invest – Telegraph

Mainstream media does DIY fees

The chance to write “price war” seems to have encouraged the newspapers to start covering online platforms instead of just showboating fund managers and eye-catching daily falls in the FTSE 100. (Defensive? Moi?)

  • DIY Pensions: The cheapest SIPP fund shops – The Telegraph
  • Your guide to the platform galaxy [Search result]FT

Other stuff worth reading

Book of the week: If you liked the sound of Deep Value Investingin Richard Beddard’s review above for iii, here’s where to get the book.

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  1. Reader Ken notes that: “FT articles can only be accessed through the search results if you’re using PC/desktop view (from mobile/tablet view they bring up the firewall/subscription page). To circumvent, switch your mobile browser to use the desktop view. On Chrome for Android: press the menu button followed by “Request Desktop Site”.”

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